About U.S. Commercial Building Inspections

We specialize in commercial property inspections in San Diego, Ca.

What We Do

Property Inspections

We offer various types of inspections services for commercial properties. New construction, resale, distressed and foreclosed properties from full service to limited property checks.

Field Inspections

We perform field Inspections to investigate and verify information about a specific property to minimize the potential loss due to foreclosure or an insurance claim.

Building Maintenance & Repairs

We can help maintain, clean, repair, and keep your property safe and secure.

Why we are different than other inspectors

 U.S. Commercial Building Inspections (USCBI) specializes in commercial property inspections and field services for mortgage servicers, lenders, insurance, brokers, attorneys, and property managers in San Diego, California, and the surrounding areas.

All USCBI Certified Inspectors have extensive construction and or restoration backgrounds to inspect complex properties looking for maintenance issues, minor and major flaws in the construction or building system components in order meet your needs.

The Inspector is the eyes and ears for the servicer, and our reports are relied upon to make vital decisions regarding a property. With millions of dollars on the line, you cannot leave this type of work to amateurs or normal residential inspectors who primarily work on home inspections.

Commercial inspections require that the Inspector thoroughly understands construction costs, repairs, renovation, look professional, and be very discreet while inspecting the property as they take plenty of photos to document their findings.

They require a thorough understanding of how commercial real estate is built, operates, the terminology, operating procedures, marketing trends, area rental rates, deferred maintenance costs, local zoning, and state and federal laws. 

That is why our clients prefer to work with U.S. Commercial Building Inspections (USCBI) because we are local to San Diego, and we have the required expertise, knowledge, and we only specialize in commercial property inspections.

We also provide a 24/7 call center for clients, neighbors, contractors, and city officials to report emergencies.

Maurice Bedard

Maurice Bedard

Chief Inspector

Maurice is the Chief Inspector for U.S. Commercial Building Inspections. He is a certified member of the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA), the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAQ2).

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