U.S. Commercial Building Inspections (USCBI) specializes in commercial field inspection services for mortgage servicers, lenders, insurance, brokers, attorneys, and property managers in San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties in Southern California, and the surrounding areas.


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We can professionally inspect any type of property such as multifamily, office, industrial, warehouse, retail, shopping centers, schools, hospitality, healthcare, mobile home parks, storage facilities, and vacant land.


Please be aware that these inspections are a lot more thorough and complicated than residential field services.


They require a thorough understanding of how commercial real estate is built, operates, the terminology, operating procedures, marketing trends, area rental rates, deferred maintenance costs, local zoning, and state and federal laws. They take a lot more photos and time to complete.


These commercial inspections also require that the Inspector understand construction costs, repairs, renovation, look professional, and be very discreet while inspecting the property as they take plenty of photos to document their findings.


That is why lenders and investors prefer to work with USCBI because we are local to San Diego, and we have this knowledge and specialize in these types of property reports.


Lenders and investors hire us as an early warning indicator to report any indication of property abandonment, occupancy status, deferred maintenance, rent increases, or concessions or changes in neighborhood trends.


The Inspector is the eyes and ears for the servicer, and our reports are relied upon to make vital decisions regarding a distressed property.


Property and neighborhood trends are essential factors in ascertaining each property’s physical condition and value if it is improving, stable, declining, or unknown. Some of the things we look out for are;



  • Does it appear that the Borrower is spending the necessary funds to maintain the Subject Property properly?
  • Does it seem that the Borrower is allocating appropriate funds to address deferred maintenance?


Every property will need regular maintenance, repairs and, capital improvements over its useful life. If the maintenance and repairs are made in a proactive manner then the property will remain useful, and marketable.


This information is critical to investors in preserving the property’s value and to help ensure its financial success.


Lenders and investors rely primarily on the income-producing ability of these properties to continue funding operations such as management, repairs, renovation, and paying down the loan’s debt service because most of these loans are non-recourse to the Borrower so that in the event of default, the subject property is the only collateral and source for repayment.


As I mentioned above, commercial field inspections are much more complicated than residential because we are required to research, inspect, and report on many factors such as but not limited to:



  • Occupancy Certifications
  • Business Verifications
  • Merchant Verifications
  • Retail Outlet Verifications
  • Equipment – Collateral or Floor Verifications


USCBI uses the national standard set by the Mortgage Banker’s Association (MBA) for our reports which serves as the most important information tool for the assessment and management of distressed properties because it is a standardized report. This will lead to more uniform reporting methods, greater accuracy in analysis and record keeping and proactive distressed asset management.


Our special reports create more efficiency in data automation, transmission, and precise reporting methods such as but not limited to the following;


• Number of Buildings


• Number of Floors


• Number of Elevators


• Number of Parking Spaces


• Number of Units / Rooms / Beds


• Rent Roll Obtained at Inspection?


• Total Number of Down Units / Rooms / Beds


• Year Built


• Year Renovated


• Total Square Feet (Gross)


• Total Sq. Feet (Net / Rentable)


• Occupied Space


• Vacant Space


• Total Percent Occupied


• Annual Occupancy


• Unit of Measurement Used


• Affordable Housing Property


• Annual Turn Over


• Property Offers Rental Concessions


• Franchise Name


• Franchise change since last inspection


• Number of Occupied Units Inspected — Input the total number of occupied units or beds


inspected during the site visit.


• Number of Vacant Units Inspected


• Is there any dark space?


• Is there any down space


• Capital Expenditures


• Is the area declining or distressed?


• Is there any new construction in the area?


• Top Two Major Competitors (Name or Type and Location)


USCBI works with all types of servicers and investors such as;



  • CMBS Annual Commercial Servicing
  • Fannie Mae Commercial
  • Freddie Mac Commercial
  • HUD Multifamily Properties
  • SBA Small Business Administration Loan
  • GSE Commercial
  • Life Company Commercial Portfolio
  • SBA Small Business Administration Loan
  • Private and Hard Money Lenders


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