Drone Inspections

U.S. Commercial Building Inspections uses the latest technology in drone surveillance for our inspection services in San Diego, Ca. and the surrounding areas.

What doesn’t get inspected gets neglected:

* Inaccessible rooftops
* Perimeter building scans
* Windows on high rises
* Upper levels
* Storefront facades
* Signs
* Multifamily or office high-rise towers
* Thermal imaging

Why we use drones

Beyond our standard services, drones serve as a cost-effective and time-saving tool for video surveillance and photograph hard to reach places such as inaccessible rooftops, perimeter building scans, and video of building walls, and widows on high rises to inspect for defects or maintenance issues.

Our drone videos provide our clients with a unique vantage point to view their properties from all angles from anywhere in the world for potential maintenance or repair issues, inspection reports, and insurance. Owners and managers can significantly reduce repair and maintenance costs that might otherwise go undetected.

Use our drone inspection and thermal imaging services to quickly get access to previously unknown roof problems, roof leaks, repair issues, and make better decisions for your commercial property in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Get actionable, near real-time data and the highest-quality imagery of issues and needed repairs much earlier than our competition, saving you time and money. 

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“Drones not only save our inspectors time, but they also can cut down on workplace injuries and death by serving as a tool to reach these hard to reach places. This also significantly reduces our insurance liability prices and we pass the cost savings onto our clients.”

Maurice Bedard
Chief Inspector, U.S. Commercial Building Inspections

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