Our minimum fee is $350. in San Diego, Ca., and the surrounding counties of Southern California.

A larger building will require more time to inspect than a smaller one, which means that it will cost more money.

For example, a small warehouse could cost $350 to inspect, while a large office or industrial building could cost $1,250 or more.

The average cost of a commercial roof inspection is right about $500 per building.

This cost could go up if special testing is needed of roof materials such as asbestos testing prior to a roof demolition.

For example, if there are major problems with your roofing system or if it is damaged beyond repair, then these issues need to be identified and addressed before any repairs can be made.

In this case, you’ll need a thorough inspection that includes testing for asbestos and lead paint as well as assessing any structural damage caused by wind or hail strikes.


Commercial roof inspections are one of the most important parts of a yearly maintenance plan for any building owner, property, or asset manager.

They need to be checked on regularly so your building does not suffer from water damage or other issues.

They can also tell you how much life is left on your building’s roof, whether it needs repairs and if it’s safe to occupy.

This is especially true if you have a large, flat roof, which can help you stay on top of any problems that may arise with your roof, as well as ensure that it’s in good condition for years to come.

As roofs age, they can become damaged and need repairs. If you have an older building with multiple layers of roofing material, there’s more chance of finding something wrong with it.

If you’ve had leaks recently or if you’re seeing signs of damage from storms or windy weather, then there’s likely something wrong that needs to be addressed immediately!

With so many variables involved in commercial roofing, it’s important to have a professional inspect it regularly for any potential issues.

The good news is that they can be done relatively quickly, easily, and affordably.

An inspector will typically spend two hours inspecting every inch of the roof, including skylights, drains, HVAC systems, the attic and other parts of the building that may be impacted by a commercial roof leak and or water damage.

Make sure you choose an experienced local professional who knows what they’re looking at when inspecting your commercial property.

If you have multiple buildings on your property, you may want to consider hiring an inspector who works with multiple clients at once.

This will help reduce costs by spreading them out over several properties instead of incurring additional charges for each building inspected separately.

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